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Simple Siphon Products
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...It's so
and EASY!

Siphoning Action

All ya do is
      'SHAKE IT'...!

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Simple Siphon "Sample Pack"

A Simple Siphon for All Needs

Simple Siphon Sample Pack.

*Sold as a package of the 'Big Gulp', 'Simple Siphon Copper Pump', '1/4" Simple Siphon', and 'Hose Attachment'

* The 'BIG GULP' Siphon will Siphon out over 10 Gallons per minute!

* The 'REG' 1/2 inch Siphon will siphon out over 3 1/2 Gallons per minute!

* The small 'RED' Siphon will siphon out 1 gallon per minute

* PLUS....A Garden Hose Connector....

And always remember...

"All Ya Do Is Shake It!"

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Only $9.95 ea.

"The Dynamic Duo"

Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

Dynamic DuoThe Simple Siphon plus the 'Rock Cleaner' attachment (also sold separately below)  is the easiest and most economical Aquarium Gravel Cleaner on the Market today.

When through cleaning the fish tank, remove the 'Rock Cleaner' attachment but keep the Simple Siphon around to be used for other applications:  water bed, hot tub, stopped up sinks, etc.  Also includes hose attachment !

"Great Suction!"

"Even a child can operate it."

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Only $18.95 ea.

Remove fuel from the wing so fast and easy!

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The Polar Bear Electric heated hose

Keeps the Water flowing to your RV even in Extreme Cold!
No More Freeze-Ups!

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Better RV living

Only $224.99 ea.



The Simple Siphon™

Works with almost all liquids- gas, aviation fuel, oil, diesel, solvents, and chemicals. IT'S TRULY AMAZING!! Just submerge it in any liquid, "SHAKE IT" a few times, and the liquid transfer begins immediately!



1/2" Copper Pump removes 3.5 Gallons per minute!


1/4" Plastic Pump removes 1 Gallons per minute!

Only $9.95 ea.
Only $8.95 ea.

Simple Siphon '3-Pack Combo'

simple siphonFeatures 2 individual siphon pumps to fit a 1/2" hose  AND 1 siphon pump to fit a smaller 1/4 " hose.

All you have to do is attach any length of hose you want to use. It's so fast and easy... all you do is shake it!

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Only $10.95 ea.


"So fast and easy,
all you do is shake it!"

Simple Siphon
3-Pack & Accessories

Individual Simple Siphon Pumps, Simple Siphon 3-Packs, Separate Aquarium Rock Cleaner Attachments, and other Super products!



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Only $12.95 ea.

Simple Siphon Individual Pumps
"By Bulk"

simple siphon

30 Per Box Only $3.95 Each!

Only $118.50 ea.

50 Per Box Only $3.15 Each!

Only $157.50 ea.

250 Per Case Only $2.15 Each!

Only $537.50 ea.

All Packages Shipped Priority Flat Rate

All you have to do is attach any length of 1/2" diameter hose you want to use. It's so fast and easy... all you do is shake it!

"So fast and easy,
all you do is shake it!"

Rock Cleaner Attachment

Meant to be paired exclusively with the Simple Siphon™, you won't believe how easy it is to use!!

And for those having a deeper tank......a Simple Siphon Extension is available.....(check out our Simple Siphon Accessories page.....)

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Only $10.95 ea.

Simple Siphon
' Big Gulp '

** NEW! **

Siphon - Big Gulp

Siphons over 10 Gallons per minute!

Attaches to a 1" Dia. Hose

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Only $6.95 ea.

Dynamic Duo Demonstration

Dynamic Duo Fish Tank Cleaner
Click the image for a demonstration video.



10" Dynamic Duo Extension

Fish Tank Cleaner Extension10"(inch) extensions attach to the Dynamic Duo fish tank cleaner, completely covering the pump, adding rigidity and ease of reaching the rocks in deeper tanks...Just makes the whole Tank Cleaning process so much easier!

Only $4.95 ea.


Uses for Simple Siphon

  • Gas
  • Hot Tubs
  • Ponds
  • Stopped-up Sinks
  • Jet skis
  • Oil
  • Toilets
  • Snow Mobiles
  • Aquariums
  • Stock Tanks
  • Lawnmowers
  • R/V's
  • ATV's
  • Waterbeds
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • Plumbing
  • Blocked Drains
  • Spas
  • Motorcycles
  • Aviation
  • Gas Cans
  • Farm/Ranch Equipment
  • Workshops
  • Boats
  • Washers
  • Swimming Pools

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* All ya do is "SHAKE IT"* NO more sucking!


Garden Hose Connector
Attaches the Simple Siphon™ hose to a regular garden hose for added length.

Only $1.50 ea.


The Simple Siphon ™ Starter Pack

You will receive a Three Pack of Simple Siphon™ pumps, the Simple Siphon™ with hose, and a Garden Hose Connector!

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Only $18.95 ea.